Traditional and beautiful Dürnstein and Loiben

Welcome to the town of Dürnstein!

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View Dürnstein Monastery Website and visit also the Themenweg "Löwenherz in Dürnstein - Ein Weg durchs Mittelalter" Website

This website offers a wide range of information on our region. Come and enjoy excellent, traditional food in our restaurants or in one of the famous rustic wine taverns called Heurigen. For detailed information consult the regularly updated Heurigen and Event Calendars and visit our Picture Gallery to see recent fotos of charming Dürnstein and Loiben.

Webcams of Dürnstein:
Schlossterrasse   Donau   Rossatz   Donau 2
(Provided by Hotel Schloss Dürnstein)

Dürnstein Tiscover    Wachau-Nibelungengau-Kremstal
Donau Niederösterreich

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