Parking is prohibited in the general area of the old city center of Dürnstein, exceptions are private parking spaces and hotel garages or private room rentals in the village.
Parking on public spaces in the city center is only permitted for cars that have a resident-sticker. 

Accessing hotels, establishments and private room rentals by car is, however, permitted.

Fees are payable daily from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m

Four parking lots outside of the city center are available for our guests at a fee:  
P 1 – East of Dürnstein, for buses and cars
P 2 – East from the street-tunnel, for cars only
P 3 – West from the street-tunnel, for cars only
P 6 – Railway station, for cars only
P7 - East of the end of Dürnstein, for cars only - only mobile phone parking possible (EasyPark)
P8 - West of the end of Dürnstein, for cars only 

NEW: Mobile phone parking payment with EasyPark ( )
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